Friday, April 29, 2016

Art Journals/Sketch Books - and Decorating the Cover

I've had a sketch book for as long as I can remember. It isn't an art journal as in today's definition but my books are a type of journal in that it shows a  timeline of my life. My drawings depict how I was feeling and thinking at that particular period. Looking at the pictures always sends me down memory lane.

art journals/ sketch books
So a couple of years ago I bought an art journal/sketch book for my granddaughter and I love flipping through it with her and talking about her pictures. I can see an evolution in her work as her ability and techniques change.

I only wish I had it sooner and had a few of her earlier works. Unfortunately those are no where to be found. That's one of the great things about her art journal.

For the most part  Faith's drawings are neatly contained in one compact place - not loose papers all over the house getting wrinkled, torn or lost. Not that she only draws in her book. She normally reservesf her art journal for times she wants to put extra effort into making a masterpiece.

I like to try to date each page not only in her book but in mine too. It definitely helps put an order to it all.

Depending on how creative we are feeling, we can go through a sketch book in a few weeks or a few months. Either way it can get costly. Luckily I found expensive sketch books at  Dollarama. 

I love my dollar store books. The back and front are hard cover which is really handy. You can put it on your lap to draw to sketch on the go and not be tied down to a table.They have a spiral binding making it easy to open right up and lay flat. The cover is plain black which can be both a blessing and a flaw. Trying to tell the difference between books is nearly impossible without picking each one up and looking inside.Then I had a light bulb moment . Dah! decorate the covers. Brilliant!

So that's what my granddaughter and I did. We gather a few supplies that we had around the house like stickers, foam cutouts, markers, gel pens, washi tape, and nail polish.

This first book is mine. I used a permanent paint marker to draw these tangled inspired designs which foes well with the general style of drawings in the book.

I used the same marker for this second book. I adore the flowers. 

We used several different media for this third book.

We have vinyl cutout lettering stickers, butterfly foam stickers, markers and nail polish. 

We actually love using nail polish to craft with. We have all kinds of colors and some with glitter. Glitter makes everything special. It also sticks pretty darn good to many different surfaces. Besides who uses up the whole bottle of nail polish anyway.

I first put the lettering down then colored on top. Once Faith and I had enough color on the cover I peeled the letter off revealing the black background and giving it a bit of punch. We added the butterflies and glitter nail polish. I think it trned out pretty awesome.

This fourth book is so cute. We used two foam heart shaped cutouts, foam stickers (some with glitter), and permanent markers. 

I helped a little. I added the stitching lines around the hearts and the outlines around the stickers.

My last art journal/sketch book is decorated with glitter tape forming a frame around - you got it - more flowers. I used a gold glitter gel pen. The gel pen didn't adhere well so I sprayed it with a clear coat to prevent it from scratching off.

This last book's pages are all blank and the cover is decorated- all ready for me to be creative. And the great thing is we can tell who the owner is of the book and which one is current.

We had so much fun now we are looking for more books to decorate like my gratitude journal, address book ....

Do you have any plain old books around your home just screaming to be beautified?

I love to read your opinions and comments. It makes my day.
Bye for now.
Wishing you the best,Darlene

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Chain Linky Climb

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Repurposed Cupboard Doors and Curb Shopping

I think the best part about curb shopping is you never know what you will find. So much inspiration just sitting there and people are just giving it away for free!

Now that the weather is nicer I'll be seeing loads of stuff sitting out. People do a bit of spring cleaning and chuck out things they no longer want or need. So on Sunday night and even Monday night, the store is open for business. You know, because a lot of the cleaning is done on the weekend.

I also find garbage night good for shopping. That is another popular time to people to get rid of their stuff and a good day for me to pick up a bargain.

I just wish I had the nerve to jump out of my car and grab the goodies off the curb. I am still pretty shy and won't pick up something during the day or if their are people out and about. I have to wait til it's dark and the coast is clear.

That is unfortunate because I have missed out on some great bargains. The brave ones will jump in there and grab it before I get a chance to do it. Aw, such is life of a painfully shy person.

But then again, others miss out on great deals cause they don't have the vision to see the beauty sitting beside the bag of dirty diapers and the recycle bin full of cardboard. So in this way I am the lucky one.

Stag Art on old cupboard door.
Curb shopping is a great resource for inspiration and free raw crafting materials. Check out these repurposed cupboard doors - a direct result from curb shopping.

This amazing art was created by a friend. He first finds an image he loves then draws it out on paper to perfect the cut out. He has to be careful to leave enough wood in place otherwise chunks of the picture will fall out.

Once he has a plan he transfers the image to the cupboard door and he is off to the shed to use his jigsaw to cut out the design.
He finishes off the piece by placing black bristle board to the back and voila the image becomes pronounced.

Mike has plenty of experience with a jigsaw and can cut out even the finest details. And he has the specialized tools. But for those of use that don't have the skill or a jigsaw we can create the same look.

Stag Art on old cupboard door.Once we have a design chosen we can draw directly onto the cupboard door then color in the silhouette with a black marker or paint it.

If that makes you too nervous draw it on black bristle board, cut it out and apply with glue.

Which ever way you decide you will end up with this awesome custom art for your walls or for a friend.

Well that's it for now. So go curb shopping and get you some inspiration and a new project on the go.

Bye for now. 

Wishing you the best, Darlene

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